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Type: Candle

Our MEOW candle is in the shape of a three eyed cat adding the PURRfect amount of magic and fun to your tabletop. Burn it, or become a wax kitty parent! it looks great either way!


- 100% Vegan, made from Soy wax 

- 100% Eco cotton wick

- 8.5cm height x 10cm width 

- Burn time of approximately 25 hours



If you decide to burn your 'cat', we strongly advise you to place your candle on a deep tray to catch the melted wax and never leave it burning unattended.
May have traces of frosting which is perfectly normal as this is 100% vegetable soy wax re-crystalizing to its natural state. Think of it as a unique birthmark for your cat!

The original design was created by the 3D artist Mary Veprin, purchased with its license, and modified for its candle form.